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3 Reasons to Install a New Home Heater January 17, 2020

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3 Reasons to Install a New Home Heater, Cleveland, Georgia

Homeowners must have heating appliances they can rely on during the winter months. At some point, you’ll likely need furnace installation to ensure your family will stay cozy no matter the temperatures outside. Here are three problems that indicate your current heat system needs replacement. 

Why You May Need to Replace Your Heater

1. Age 

Most heat pumps last around 15 years with regular maintenance. When your system reaches ten years, begin scheduling annual inspections. An HVAC expert will know if certain repairs are worth it or if you need a newer, more efficient system.

2. Remodeling

furnace installationAdding onto a house doesn’t just increase the living space; the heater also has to work harder to keep the temperature comfortable. If your home renovations will add square footage, consider updating the HVAC to account for the extra room. Without enough power and appropriate ductwork, your home may experience cold spots and drafts.

3. A Higher Utility Bill

Utility bills fluctuate with the weather. However, you should consider furnace installation when the cost spikes no apparent reason or if the if it slowly increases. These changes may be signs of a failing or inefficient heater. Older systems require more power to circulate the same amount of air, so invest in newer technology if you need a replacement. ENERGY STAR heaters offer excellent seasonal energy efficiency ratios and use less electricity, reducing utility bills.


If you need furnace installation in your home, contact Peak Performance Heating & Air in Cleveland, GA, to learn about their heat pumps and electric backup systems. The expert HVAC contractors have been in business since 2001, serving customers throughout White County with budget-friendly services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance for top brands like Carrier® and Trane®. Call (706) 219-1016 for more information or visit their website to learn about what their EPA-certified technicians can do for you.

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