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How to Tell Whether Brake Repair Is Needed February 27, 2020

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How to Tell Whether Brake Repair Is Needed, Amber-Cheney South, Washington

Scheduling regular brake services will increase your safety on the road. When your brakes work properly, you can stop quickly and avoid minor and major collisions. The braking system often sends out signals that auto repairs are necessary. Knowing how to read the signs, as outlined below, and taking steps to preserve equipment will keep you safe while driving. 

What Are the Signs That Your Brakes Are Damaged?

It is important not to ignore the illuminated brake warning light. The marker often glows when hydraulic pressure has dropped. This could be caused by a brake fluid leak in the master cylinder or an additional problem. While driving, you might also hear cause for concern. When the brake pad material is too worn, the wear indicator will rub against the rotor. The high-pitched squealing you hear is metal scraping against metal. Pay attention to odd sensations when braking, too. If debris or damage is holding a caliper in place, it can’t push the brake pad against the rotor to slow the vehicle. You might feel grinding in the pedal as a result. The troubling vibration could also be attributed to a rusted brake shoe or a rear drum brake that needs to be lubricated. 

How Can You Increase Brake Life?

auto repairsInvesting in routine maintenance will help the braking system last longer. During appointments, an auto repair technician will clean rear drum components, flush fluids, lubricate parts, replace warped rotors, and provide additional services to improve the system. Curbing bad driving habits will also extend brake life. Speeding to a stop, for example, forces the braking system to use more energy, causing premature wear to pads. Slowing to a stop will keep pads from thinning out too quickly.

From gym weights to subwoofers, there are all sorts of heavy items you might keep in the car. The weight increases the kinetic energy load that brakes have to stop, increasing strain on components in the process. Keeping heavy items out of the car will prevent rapid wear.


Fixing brakes is one of the many services the ASE-certified mechanics at Daves Auto provide, and you can turn to them for all of your auto repair needs. The Cheney, WA-based auto repair specialists have been providing transmission tuneups, oil changes, wheel alignment, and additional solutions to keep customers’ vehicles in top shape since 1979. For an appointment, call (509) 235-6123. View a complete list of ways the team will fix your ride online and check out announcements on Facebook

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