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How to Care for Feet in Pointe Shoes January 17, 2020

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How to Care for Feet in Pointe Shoes, Newark, Ohio

Pointe dance classes help dancers refine their ballet skills and add beautiful, new elements to their training and routines. However, elegant moves that require pointe shoes may cause problems or injuries without proper instruction. When helping your young dancers prepare for pointe dance class, use the following tips to ensure proper foot care.

Finding the Right Fit

The first step in preventing injuries to feet while wearing pointe shoes is to find the perfect fit. Dancers should try on different pairs to find the one that feels best. Go to a supplier who knows how to size and fit pointe shoes. They’ll work with your dancer and tell you how the shoe should feel when it’s on.

Preparing Your Feet

pointe dance classBeginning pointe is an exciting challenge. Dancers should keep toenails clipped short and free of polish so that you can view the entire nail bed. Instructors will help dancers pad pointe shoes with gel or wool toe inserts to ease pressure and advise them about wrapping their feet before class to prevent injury.

How Technique Impacts Foot Health

Observing the proper pointe form and technique helps dancers keep their feet in the best shape possible. They should work closely with their instructor to correct position and movement. Pointe classes will include exercises to improve foot positioning, strength, and flexibility. Without proper strength in the feet, a dancer may experience injury to their toes, nails, or ankles.


If you’re looking for  guidance to help young dancers excel in pointe dance classes, consult with the professionals at Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH. For more than 50 years, the instructors at this studio have offered classes in a variety of styles to dancers of all ages. To learn more about class options, including pointe, visit them online, or call (740) 344-8789 to speak with the staff.

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