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Why You Should Remove Dead Trees on Your Property January 28, 2020

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Why You Should Remove Dead Trees on Your Property, Florence, Kentucky

If there are any dead trees on your property, it may be tempting to let nature take its course. Instead of scheduling tree removal, you may want to rely on the elements to facilitate the tree’s decomposition. Unless you have a few acres of forest, though, and the tree happens to be in the middle of them, neglecting the dead trunk is unwise. 

3 Reasons to Remove Dead Trees on Your Property

1. To Keep Pests Away 

Dead trees provide the perfect environment for pests to thrive. While you may not necessarily care about the damaged timber, the pests—which might include termites and carpenter ants—will eventually have to find another home. Should they make their way to your house after they've demolished the tree, the damage they cause will be a different story. Because termites eat wood, they can destroy the very bones of your house—without you even realizing it. Once termites get inside the walls, every stud is up for grabs. While carpenter ants feed off insects and sugar, on the other hand, they excavate wood to create tunnels and nests, thereby threatening the support beams in your home, as well. 

2. To Preserve the Rest of the Trees tree removal

If the tree died of disease, like some fungal infection, it could easily spread to the other flora on the property. By scheduling prompt tree removal at the first sign of trouble, you can contain the issue and prevent it from overtaking all your other landscaping elements. 

3. To Prevent Catastrophic Damage 

Once a tree dies, it loses much of its structural integrity. Not only are the branches more prone to breaking off, but the trunk itself could end up tipping over. Whereas a healthy tree might be able to withstand hurricane-strength gusts, it takes little more than a heavy breeze to knock over an old trunk by cracking it in the middle of tearing it up by the roots. Either way, the tree could cause extensive property damage or bodily injury on the way down. 


If there are one or more dead trees on your property, turn to Bluegrass Tree Service, LLC for professional tree removal. Based in Florence, they’re proud to serve residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. For more than 30 years, their knowledgeable technicians have been providing comprehensive tree services, including pruning, maintenance, and removal. To request a free estimate for tree removal, get in touch through their website or call (859) 746-0708.

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