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5 Outdoor Power Tools Every Homeowner Should Have January 28, 2020

Monroe, Fairfield County
5 Outdoor Power Tools Every Homeowner Should Have, Monroe, Connecticut

Your yard needs a lot of attention and care. Luckily, power tools can make outdoor and landscaping tasks much easier. Here are a few outdoor power tools you should use for yardwork.

Which Outdoor Power Tools Are Necessary?

1. Lawn Mowers

Every homeowner needs a lawn mower. If you want to take pride in your yard, your grass should look clean and evenly cut. You can opt for the standard gas-powered lawn mower, but many battery-powered mowers are now available and are lightweight and easy to push.

2. Trimmers

Trimmers can reach places that lawn mowers can’t. They’re perfect for ridding your lawn of unwanted weeds and brush. They’re also easy to use because of their simple design. If your lawn needs a touch-up, look for a trimmer.

3. Chainsaws

You don’t have to be a lumberjack to own a chainsaw. As one of the most well-known power tools, these are useful if your lawn has a lot of trees. If you want to keep your trees from overshadowing a large part of your yard, you can use chainsaws to cut down branches. Make sure to take extra precautions when using this tool to avoid injury.

4. Pressure Washers

Anything exposed to the elements is going to need routine cleaning. A pressure washer can deal with stubborn outdoor stains that heavy scrubbing can’t remove. It can also clean high areas of your home’s exterior that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

5. Pruners

You can use pruners for sculpting hedges to your preferences. While they may not be power tools, pruners can reach into and trim thick bushes better than most other equipment. They’re also effective at clipping smaller branches. 


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