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3 Signs an HVAC System Needs Repairs February 10, 2020

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3 Signs an HVAC System Needs Repairs, Greene, North Carolina

Whether it’s winter or summer, your HVAC system is hard at work keeping your comfort level exactly where you want it. As a homeowner, it’s easy to take it for granted until it breaks down. Fortunately, there are often early signs that HVAC repair is needed. Here’s a closer look at three performance issues you should take care of before they lead to an emergency situation.

3 Warning Signs for HVAC Repair

1. Frequent Cycling

HVAC systems will turn on and off at regular intervals to either heat or cool the air to the temperature you’ve programmed on the thermostat. If you hear it turn off before it reaches that temperature or it turns off and on more frequently than you’re used to, it could mean a clogged air filter or a control board issue. 

2. Allergies & Poor Airflow

HVAC repairAllergies cycle on the seasons, but if you notice more flare-ups than usual, it could indicate your ducts need cleaning. Additionally, the air filter or furnace components such as the blower could be dirty. 

Poor airflow could be another issue. During HVAC repair, the technician will look for worn AC compressor coils, a sluggish fan, and other explanations. It’s also possible that part or all of your system is simply nearing the end of its working life and needs to be replaced.

3. Odd Smells or Sounds

An old furnace may start to clunk when it turns on, but if yours is on the newer side, there could be broken hardware inside rattling against metal. Outdoor AC compressors may rattle harshly as well if components have come loose. A damaged fan blade will also make a loud noise, while a popping noise could indicate a clogged air filter.

Be aware of unfamiliar odors, too. If your air starts to smell musty, it could be a sign of mold. An electrical copper-like smell could be the result of faulty wiring. Call for HVAC repair immediately for electrical issues, because faulty wiring could start a fire.


If you notice any of the above problems occurring in your HVAC system, call the experts at Strouth and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning. For over 13 years, they’ve served the entire Asheboro and LIberty, NC, region by offering professional air conditioning, heating, and ventilation solutions. Their technicians go above and beyond to meet their customers' expectations and provide a satisfaction guarantee on their services. Call (336) 524-3868 for more information or visit their website to see a gallery of their past work.

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