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How to Tell Your Car Battery Is Failing February 3, 2020

Elizabethtown, Hardin
How to Tell Your Car Battery Is Failing, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Servicing your car battery is essential for optimal car maintenance, as it powers crucial components of your vehicle. There are a few common warning signs that your battery is dying, and you shouldn’t ignore them, or your vehicle will no longer start or run.

4 Universal Car Battery Warning Signs

1. Swollen Case

The chemicals in the battery expand during extreme hot or cold weather, but freezing conditions are more dangerous. In the winter, the battery could discharge and freeze, causing it to release its electricity and die. Once this happens, you must replace it as a jump start will not be sufficient.

2. Dashboard Light

Most vehicles have warning lights on the dashboard. These lights tell you if you need to perform car maintenance on a specific part. A light in the shape of a battery will show if there is a problem with it, although it won’t tell you exactly what that is. It indicates either a problem with the electrical system or the battery itself.

3. Slow Engine Crank

car maintenanceOne of the most common signs of a dying battery is a slow engine crank. If you turn the key in the ignition and hear clicking or stuttering, the engine is having difficulty pulling amperage from the battery. A slow crank in winter is standard, as the engine needs time to warm up, but if this is a recurring problem, or it happens in the summer, take the car to a mechanic. Your vehicle is close to breaking down.

4. Too Old

You should replace your battery every four to five years. The life span varies depending on driving habits and temperature, but driving on old or expired equipment is risky. Check the manufacture date on the battery to determine how much time it has left, and replace it right away if it’s past its due date.


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