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3 Signs That Rodents May Be In Your Home's Insulation January 17, 2020

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3 Signs That Rodents May Be In Your Home's Insulation, Rochester, New York

As temperatures drop in winter, rodents begin to look for shelter in warmer places. The critters often get into houses through walls and attics, where insulation is installed. Because the insulation is warm, malleable, and concealed, mice and rats often build their nests on top of or within it. To determine whether you need pest control for an infestation, below are a few clues rodents may have made a home in your insulation. 

How to Tell If Rodents Have Infested Your Insulation

1. Droppings

When compared to larger animals, mice consume more food per gram of their body weight and typically stick to a fibrous diet. This causes the critters to eliminate waste frequently. Look for droppings in crawlspaces and the attic. The fecal matter will look like small grains of black or brown rice. Call a pest control specialist immediately, as the waste contains viruses and bacteria that could make your family sick. 

2. Chew Marks

pest controlRodents can chew through foam and fiberglass insulation. They often gnaw on the materials, as well as wires and wood, to sharpen their teeth. The pests also chew through insulation to create holes for their new homes. They may also carry off the insulation to build nests in other areas.

3. Grooves

When mice or rats move over the soft insulation, they leave impressions with their feet. Look for grooves in the material that appear to dart off in various directions like tiny trails. The paths might also have an oily residue from the grease in rodents’ fur.


If you notice any of these signs, don’t take matters into your own hands. Dealing with rodents can be very tricky, and sometimes dangerous, so contact the pest control providers at Target Pest Control. Serving homeowners in the Rochester, NY, area for over 30 years, our company specializes in mouse elimination. We can also provide wasp removal, bedbug treatments, and additional solutions to make your home more comfortable. To schedule an appointment and find out about our Super Warranty, call (585) 427-7175.

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