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Does Cold Weather Worsen a Cracked Windshield? February 3, 2020

Middletown, Orange
Does Cold Weather Worsen a Cracked Windshield?, Middletown, New York

Minor chips or cracks in your windshield may not seem like a major issue. However, over time, it’s possible for these imperfections to spread—especially if you live in an area prone to seasonal temperature changes. Winter is known for affecting cracked windshields. If you’ve been putting off your glass repair, discover why delaying this service could be a bad idea during colder weather.

Will a Windshield Crack Get Worse in the Cold?

Cold weather can affect many types of material, and glass is no exception. Fluctuations in temperature cause glass to either expand or contract. In chilly weather, the glass contracts, which can create added stress on any existing cracks. Even a small crack could spread horizontally, especially when exposed to freezing or below-freezing temperatures. 

How Can You Prevent the Crack From Growing?

glass repairIf you’ve gotten away without the damage spreading any further thus far, it can be tempting to just continue delaying glass repair. However, it’s only a matter of time before the windshield becomes further compromised. Moreover, using your defroster to keep your glass warm won’t help. In fact, the differences in temperature from the inside to the outside of your vehicle could create even more stress and damage. 

To prevent further damage, schedule glass repair. Most shops repair small cracks without having to replace the entire windshield, which will help you keep the cost of repairs down. However, if you wait until the crack expands, you could find yourself needing a full windshield replacement, which is likely to cost more. 



No matter what type of glass repair you need, the team at Glass Doctor of Middletown NY will help. Specializing in repairs and replacements for automotive, residential, and storefront glass, this trusted company has been serving the Orange County community since 1962. Explore their full range of services online or call (845) 343-4611 to schedule an appointment. 

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