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How to Prevent Weeds in Spring With Winter Lawn Maintenance February 1, 2020

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How to Prevent Weeds in Spring With Winter Lawn Maintenance, Catawba Springs, North Carolina

Performing lawn maintenance is probably at the bottom of your to-do list in February and March. If you want to ensure a lush green lawn come April or May, though, it’s essential to act now. Here are a few crucial steps to take this winter to keep weeds at bay all spring and summer.

A Guide to Winter Lawn Maintenance

Apply Pre-Emergent 

Pre-emergent is a combination of fertilizer and herbicide.  It provides grass with essential nutrients while simultaneously inhibiting weeds from growing. It does this by creating a chemical barrier that makes it difficult for weeds to sprout up alongside the grass. At R&T Lawn Services we typically apply pre-emergent in February due to our climate in North Carolina.  This ensures there will be a  barrier in place once the weather warms enough for weeds to start germinating and growing. 

Aerate the Lawn 

lawn maintenanceAerating your lawn allows air to circulate between the soil and the atmosphere. This prevents compaction by loosening the ground and makes essential nutrients more accessible to your grass. Finally, aeration facilitates drainage, so pooling won't be an issue once April’s showers start. 

If there are any bald patches on your lawn, R & T Lawn Services can apply seeding and fertilizer during the aeration treatment. If you do seed, avoid applying pre-emergent beforehand because the herbicide will inhibit the growth of new grass. 

To schedule lawn maintenance this winter so you can enjoy your property come spring, turn to R & T Lawn Services, Inc. Located in Denver, NC, this lawn care company is proud to use environmentally-friendly formulas to help you cultivate beautiful grass. Serving homeowners throughout Mecklenburg, Lincoln, and Catawba counties, they offer everything from lawn aeration to grub control. Explore all the services they provide on their website. To discuss your lawn maintenance needs with a knowledgeable member of their team, call (704) 589-0713.

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