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AC vs. DC Motors: What's the Difference? January 15, 2020

Illinois, Pope
AC vs. DC Motors: What's the Difference?, Illinois, Arkansas

There are two common types of electric motors available: AC and DC. Both versions come with advantages and disadvantages, and selecting which you need depends on the situation. Below is a comparison of AC motors and DC motors to help you make the right decision. 

When You Need an AC Motor

AC stands for alternating current, which is what powers the electric motor. The main components are the stator and the rotor. The stator is made up of coils that receive the current and produce a rotating magnetic field to produce energy. The rotor then rotates inside the motor’s coils wrapped around an output shaft.

The rotor type can vary. An induction or asynchronous motor uses the magnetic field to turn the rotor and create the current. Meanwhile, a synchronous motor operates more precisely because it rotates at the same rate as the supply frequency. 

AC motors operate more quietly. They are efficient and quite durable, making them ideal for food service pumps, water heaters, lawn equipment, and other machinery. Electric motors that run on an alternating current are also cost-effective and offer efficient power for whatever they are connected to.

When to Use a DC Motor

AC motorsDC motors use direct currents generated by a battery or another power source. As such, they have constant voltage, more speed variation and control, and more torque than AC versions.

Internal parts include bearings, shafts, and gears, and are often used for items like wheelchairs, off-road equipment, appliances, and handheld machinery. Like AC motors, there are two types of DC motors.

Brushed motors consist of a rotor, brushes, and an axle. The charges of the brushes are necessary for direction and speed. Brushless motors are similar but do not have the brushes, as their name implies. They do feature magnets mounted around the rotor, which helps boost efficiency, as well as circuitry designed to better control speed and direction.


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