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A Brief Guide to Deadbolt Locks January 15, 2020

Perry, Franklin
A Brief Guide to Deadbolt Locks, Perry, Ohio

When homeowners want to make their properties more secure, they often start by focusing on exterior doors and locks. Although single-latch knob locks may be adequate for interior doors, entryways need a more reliable solution. If you’re exploring security options for your home, here are a few essential points you should know about deadbolt locks.

How Do They Work?

Deadbolts consist of a steel bolt embedded within a door that, when engaged, extends into the doorjamb. Unlike single-latch knobs, which engage with a spring-loaded mechanism, deadbolt locks are opened and closed with a thumb or key.  

What Types Are Available?

Single-cylinder deadbolt locks have a cylinder that passes through both sides of a door. One side—usually the exterior—has a keyhole to control the bolt; the other has a thumb turn for easy control.

If there are keyholes are on both sides, the lock is known as a double-cylinder deadbolt. Because these models require keys on both sides, they’re often considered more secure than single-cylinder designs.

Electronic systems have a digital keypad instead of physical keys to control access.

There are also variations depending on where the lock is installed. Vertical deadbolts extend from the top of a door rather than the side. Rim systems, on the other hand, aren’t installed inside a door but on an edge.  

What Are the Benefits?

Enhanced Security

deadbolt locksDeadbolts offer exceptional protection against forced entry. Single-latch knobs, for instance, can quickly be compromised by bumping, picking, or brute force. Solid steel deadbolts offer greater reinforcement and are less likely to give way to tampering. A model with a Grade 1 rating from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) offers the highest level of security recognized by the locksmith industry.

Affordable & Easy Installation

Most deadbolt locking systems are extremely affordable, making them a cost-effective way to change locks on your property. Qualified locksmiths can usually install them within minutes.


In addition to being stronger than other locks, deadbolts require little maintenance and can last 10 years or longer before they need to be replaced.


When you want to install new deadbolts on your property, turn to the experienced professionals of Expert Lock & Key. Providing commercial and residential locksmith services throughout the Columbus, OH, area, their team will introduce you to the best deadbolt locks for your home or business. They’ll also provide swift, affordable, and reliable installation to secure your property without stress. To learn more about their services, visit this mobile locksmith online, or call (614) 329-3899 to speak to the staff.

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