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3 Tips to Protect Your Yard From Winter Damage January 15, 2020

Antelope Park, Lincoln
3 Tips to Protect Your Yard From Winter Damage, Lincoln, Nebraska

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the plants in the yard. Grass can freeze in the frigid temperatures, while exposure to dry air can pull moisture from tissue, leaving plants dehydrated and needing water from sprinklers. Trees, shrubs, and grass could die due to winter damage or recover slowly once spring arrives. To keep plants safe during the colder months, follow the below advice. 

3 Tips to Protect the Yard During Winter

1. Remove Belongings & Debris on the Grass

Before a thick blanket of snow covers the lawn, remember to rake the grass. When damp leaves are left on the turf, the fallen foliage makes it harder for water to evaporate and sunlight to reach the grass. Fungus and mold could grow, killing the grass and leaving bald patches in the lawn. Other items can block sunlight and reduce water evaporation, too, so bring mats, lawn furniture, sandboxes, and other belongings inside.  

2. Put Down Layers of Mulch

Lincoln-Nebraska-sprinklersMulching in winter is like wrapping a warm coat around plants. Place bark chips or straw around the base of shrubs and trees. The ground covering will insulate the soil, preventing the roots from freezing. Mulch also helps stop soil erosion. Erosion problems leave the ground compacted, making it harder for oxygen to get to roots.

3. Water Grass During Droughts 

Don’t turn off the sprinklers during winter, as roots still need to remain hydrated throughout the season. They will need water during dry cold spells. Water strengthens the grass, enhancing its ability to prevent winter damage. That’s because the water releases heat slowly, keeping the blades warmer longer.


To give your yard the attention it deserves come spring, contact the professionals at Whittemore Sprinkler Company. Serving residents in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas from April through November, the staff is known for installing state-of-the-art sprinklers to boost homeowners’ lawn and garden irrigation efforts. That’s why the company has been in business for over 55 years. To find out what sprinklers the team installs, call (402) 476-8552 or take a look at the available irrigation system services online. Find office announcements on Facebook

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