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3 Tips for Keeping Track of Your iPhone® January 29, 2020

Orlando, Orange
3 Tips for Keeping Track of Your iPhone®, Orlando, Florida

Many iPhone users keep their devices with them at all times. However, after a hectic day at the office or a long trip to an amusement park, it only takes one moment for you to set your phone somewhere and forget about it. Before having to buy a new or used iPhone® to replace your device, try these strategies to avoid losing it in the first place.

How to Avoid Losing Your iPhone

1. Keep It Attached to You

Putting your phone in your pocket or bag isn’t always enough to keep it secure throughout the day, especially if you’re constantly moving around. However, there are lanyards and loops that you can use to attach your phone’s case directly to you, either by putting it around your neck or attaching it to your clothing.

2. Limit Your Use of Do Not Disturb 

used iphoneA lot of people like to keep their phones on silent throughout the day. But this can make it more difficult for you to locate your phone if you’ve misplaced it, as you won’t be able to easily call it and hear the ringer. However, newer models offer a built-in feature that allows you to set a timer for Do Not Disturb, so you can have the ringer automatically come back on after a set amount of time. Access Do Not Disturb from the Control Center to set a timer for this feature.

3. Use Find My iPhone

iPhone devices have a built-in tracking system that tells you the location if you happen to misplace it. However, you need to turn this feature on if you want the ability to use it later. Simply access Find My iPhone in settings to turn it on. Then, if your device gets lost, log in using your Apple ID on a computer to access a map of its location. You can also control some features remotely or make it play a sound.


If you do lose your device and need an affordable replacement, Experimax Northeast Orlando has a selection of used iPhone devices available. The Orange County, FL, shop offers iPhone and computer repairs, along with used Apple® products for sale. Book an appointment online, or call (407) 802-4663 to inquire about buying a used iPhone.

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