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A Guide to SR-22 Insurance January 28, 2020

Cookeville, Putnam
A Guide to SR-22 Insurance, Cookeville, Tennessee

Whether you incur a series of traffic violations or get into an accident without insurance, there are times when your license could be in jeopardy. When that happens for drivers in Tennessee, you need to carry SR-22 insurance for five years to retain your driving privileges.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22s aren’t technically insurance—it’s a form that your insurance provider uses to prove to the state that you’re an insured driver.

With SR-22 insurance, your provider will keep the government updated on changes to your policy—this including alterations, renewals, and cancellations. Since SR-22 drivers are considered high-risk, the state wants to verify that you have coverage whenever you’re on the road.

When Do You Need It?

If you’re involved in an accident or convicted of a major traffic offense and can’t pay for the damages, filing an SR-22 will be necessary.

SR-22 insuranceCommitting certain traffic violations will require you to file an SR-22. Sporadic traffic tickets happen to all drivers throughout their lifetime. However, having too many in too short a time increases your risk. The state and your insurance company might designate you a liability.

You’ll lose your license if you have too many offenses. If it has been suspended or revoked, filing an SR-22 will help reinstate it. However, getting caught driving without a license and insurance also makes you a liability. Again, SR-22 insurance will help you stay on the road.

Serious convictions, including driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, can endanger your license and make SR-22 insurance necessary.

How Do You Apply for It?

Not all insurance companies offer SR-22s because those who need it are high-risk drivers.

Finding an insurance agent who focuses on high-risk drivers will allow you to choose your options. You'll get the best price for the coverage you need most.

Insurance companies with an electronic filing option can send the information to the state the day it’s filed. This allows you to get behind the wheel again much faster.


Drivers in Cookeville, TN, rely on Lafever Insurance Agency for all their insurance needs. With over 30 years of insurance experience, they will match you with the right policy. Whether you’re a young or a high-risk driver, they offer fair and affordable rates, so you’re never without the coverage you need. For more information on their motorcycle and SR-22 insurance documentation, visit their website. To make an appointment with one of their representatives, reach out to them at (931) 526-3377.

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