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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Sofa January 28, 2020

Brunswick, Medina
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Sofa, Brunswick, Ohio

Sofas are made to hold up under heavy wear, but over time, spilled drinks, pet hair, and general use can make them look their age. To offset your couch’s dingy appearance, you can clean it, protect it, and minimize the effects of wear. Here’s some advice on what to do.

How to Make Your Sofa Last

1. Clean It Properly

Every sofa needs specialized cleaning based on its material; for example, a suede couch requires a suede cleaner. If you’re targeting specific stains, allow the solution to sit for several minutes, then clean the affected area with a suede brush. Leather couches should be cleaned with leather cleaner and a soft cloth, then conditioned to keep the material soft and supple. Cotton couches can be freshened with a solution of warm water and dish or laundry soap.

2. Cover Unused Couches

sofaIf you have a summer home or condo that only gets used part of the year, covering the couch prevents dust from settling into the surface and keeps UV rays from fading the material. Drape a cotton drop cloth over the sofa, buy a custom cover, or use a blanket if you’re in a pinch. Before you do, give the sofa thorough cleaning with an antimicrobial cleaner—otherwise, dust and dirt can create a dingy appearance as they settle in.

3. Treat It Well

Often, the easiest way to preserve a sofa is simple everyday care. Keep pets off the furniture, as their claws can create extra wear and scratches in some materials. Kids jumping on it can weaken the frame and cause it to squeak when you sit. Vacuum and clean it regularly, and if you spill anything on the couch, deal with the stain immediately before it can set in. If you want to go the extra step, institute a “no eating” rule on the couch to protect it.


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