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5 Ways to Avoid a Frozen Garage Door January 31, 2020

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5 Ways to Avoid a Frozen Garage Door, Milford, Connecticut

Winter weather brings snow and ice, and because of this, your garage doors are in danger of freezing. Even rain in cold temperatures can cause your doors to freeze, leaving you with a sealed garage and a possible need for garage door repair. Below are five ways to avoid a problem.

How to Stop Garage Doors From Freezing

1. Keep It Clear

garage door repairWhen there is an accumulation of snow and ice, make sure it is not anywhere near your garage door or its tracks. Shoveling regularly and keeping the area clear will stop the door from getting sealed shut with ice. If ice and snow melt throughout the day, they will most likely refreeze at night, which means your door will also freeze.

2. Warm Your Car Up Outside

It’s never recommended to warm up your car inside the garage due to carbon monoxide. Warming up also heats up the ice inside your door tracks, which means it will refreeze once the cold air hits it again.

3. Salt the Area

Table salt is great for safely tackling any ice near your doors. The chemical compound lowers the freezing temperature of water, ensuring that refreezing is less likely to happen. Sprinkling table salt is also better for avoiding corrosion that can lead to garage door repair.

4. Fix the Seal

If weather sealing is dried out or missing, cold air and winter precipitation are more likely to get inside and freeze your doors. Replace seals and apply a silicone lubricant to tracks and hinges to add an extra layer of waterproofing.

5. Use a Heater

A heater inside the garage is helpful for regulating temperatures, which means fewer chances of freezing. Electric and gas options are available and can also make your garage more usable during the cold months for other tasks like household projects or crafting.



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