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4 Reasons to Plan A Funeral in Advance January 17, 2020

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4 Reasons to Plan A Funeral in Advance, Chili, New York

Pre-planning a funeral service is a compassionate and economically sound choice, and an option offered by many funeral homes. Although many people don’t like to think about their funeral, it’s crucial to pre-plan one to give yourself—and your loved ones—peace of mind. Learn more about the benefits of pre-planning below.

4 Benefits of Pre-planning a Funeral Service

1. Give Loved Ones Peace of Mind

Making notes about your wishes, detailing items for the obituary, and pre-paying for cremation or burial are all steps that will save bereaved family stress and potential disagreement or financial hardship after your death. When you leave your wishes behind, you’ll give your loved ones peace of mind, as they won’t have to make decisions on your behalf. 

2. Choose a Service That Honors You

You are the best resource for what type of funeral service will truly honor your beliefs, personality, and life. From the type of ceremony to music to the types of flowers or any memorial donations, pre-planning gives you the opportunity to craft the most meaningful memorial. You can provide lists of people to be notified that might not be known to immediate family, specify military honors, if appropriate, and instruct family about what to do with cremains, if you are being cremated.

3. Cost-Effective

funeral servicePre-funding a funeral helps support costs after you’ve passed. The most common way to pay in advance is through funeral (also known as whole life or final expense) insurance, which is available from major insurance companies and usually allows a payment plan. It covers most basic funeral expenses and allows the family to work with whatever service providers they need to.

4. Acknowledges Death

The process of pre-planning a funeral can bring up many feelings and offers an opportunity to have meaningful or healing conversations with family. Knowing that your end-of-life wishes are clear and understood is a benefit for you and the entire family, and helps everyone to acknowledge and accept this inevitable rite of passage.



For compassionate and professional assistance with funeral pre-planning in the Rochester, NY, area, choose Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home. For over 40 years, this local, family-owned business has been serving the Rochester community with personal, individualized memorial and funeral services. Their advance planning assistance will help ensure you have the memorial you desire. Call (585)426-7830 to make an appointment or visit the website to learn more about their offerings.

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