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3 Ideas for Matching Backsplashes to Kitchen Countertops January 30, 2020

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Ideas for Matching Backsplashes to Kitchen Countertops, Anchorage, Alaska

When entering a cooking space, many people immediately notice the kitchen countertops and sink. That’s why it’s important to ensure your backsplash remains cohesive and helps create a stylish overall theme. If you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen, here are a few tips for creating surfaces that complement each other.

How to Match Your Backsplash to the Kitchen Countertops

1. Use the Same Material 

kitchen countertopsIf you want an exact match, create your backsplash by running your countertop material onto the wall.

A cost-effective choice for people with leftover countertop slabs, this strategy gives your kitchen a minimal and sophisticated appearance. For a slightly less uniform look, use tiles in the same material instead of slabs.

2. Make One the Centerpiece

Alternatively, try pairing a statement countertop with tiles in neutral colors and vice versa. This allows one feature to shine while the other plays a supporting role. 

For example, you could emphasize a bold granite countertop with white ceramic tiles for the backsplash, or pair striking natural stone tiles with a neutral, white quartz countertop. 

3. Get Creative With Tiles

Give your kitchen a unique, eye-catching look by adding a pattern to the backsplash. Many homeowners enjoy creating checkerboard patterns with white and black ceramic tiles, for example. You could also use a variety of colors to add visual interest to this area. Colorful tiles pair well with neutral countertops, including those made of quartz and travertine. 


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