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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Snowmobile January 15, 2020

Earl, Lancaster
5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Snowmobile, Earl, Pennsylvania

snowmobile can provide you with a truly unique experience on winter trails. The high price of new vehicles, however, may keep you from enjoying this activity. Fortunately, if you buy a used snowmobile, you can often get a high-quality model for a much better price. If you’re looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, here are a few things you’ll want to consider to ensure you get the best deal.

A Guide to Buying a Used Snowmobile

1. Vehicle History

Ask the seller for an accident history to find out if there is any potential damage that may detract from the vehicle’s value and performance. Also, get snowmobile repair and maintenance records to ensure that its previous owners gave it the proper care.  You can also make sure the craft wasn’t stolen by checking the VIN.

2. Body Damage

snowmobileBody quality is the first element you should consider before buying a pre-owned snowmobile. Cracked bulkheads, worn skis, missing carbides, rust, dents, and grime are common warning signs that it wasn’t properly cared for—and that there could be more hidden problems. If the price isn’t right, don’t invest in a vehicle that will become an expensive fixer-upper.

3. Mileage

Most types of snowmobiles offer a lifetime mileage of around 15,000 miles. The closer a used one is to this limit, the lower the price should be. If you want to make a solid investment, make sure the mileage matches the listed price. 

4. Engine Quality

Use a compression gauge to test the engine function. If the compression test produces anything less than 100 psi, you will likely need engine repair or replacement. Other common signs of potential mechanical problems include black spark plugs, a worn belt, dirty clutches, and oil patches.

5. Drive Performance

If possible, arrange to take the snowmobile on a test drive. When starting up the vehicle, it should rev consistently and demonstrate functional electronics. During the ride, stay aware of unusual engine noises or a rough drivetrain. These issues usually indicate the need for repairs in the future.


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