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4 Ways to Protect Your Carpets This Winter January 14, 2020

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4 Ways to Protect Your Carpets This Winter, Texarkana, Texas

Wet snow, mud, ice, and grime easily soil carpets during winter without the right care. However, by using the below tips that carpet cleaning experts routinely dispense, you can maintain your investments during the coldest months of the year. You’ll enjoy cleaner, brighter flooring that’s also less prone to mold growth, as moisture that seeps into carpet backing can cause spores to develop. Here’s what you should know. 

4 Tips for Preserving Carpets During Winter

1. Put Mats at Every Entrance

Place welcome mats—featuring thick bristles for gripping mud and ice—in front of all entrances to your home. Add mats inside each doorway as well to help family and friends remember to wipe their feet.

You may also want to create a “no shoes” rule inside where everyone leaves their footwear at the door. Place shoe racks by the entrances to avoid piles of sneakers and boots. If you have dogs, place rags by the doors to wipe their muddy paws.

2. Add Runners & Other Rugs

Protect carpeting using runners and other assorted rugs. While you can also use plastic mats, they don’t offer the appeal of rugs and can create slipping hazards when wet. Look for inexpensive rugs you don’t mind getting dirty, and consider layering them to create a stylish result.

3. Increase Your Vacuuming Efforts

carpet cleaningVacuum more often to remove tracked-in dirt, rock salt, and grime. If you vacuum once a week, for example, increase it to twice a week to maintain a clean home. Vacuuming also removes any allergens in the carpeting, such as pet dander and dust mites.

4. Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning

Request carpet cleaning services at the end of winter to not only deep clean your flooring but also to protect the warranties. Most carpet manufacturers require cleaning services every 18 months to keep warranties active. Schedule carpet cleaning around January or March to enjoy brighter flooring through spring and beyond. 


Enjoy beautiful flooring with carpet cleaning services from Superior Carpet Care & Restoration. Based in Texarkana, TX, and serving residential and commercial clients within a 30-mile radius, this carpet cleaning business offers over 20 years of experience and also cleans upholstery and rugs. Call (903) 319-7854 today to schedule cleaning or learn more about their services—including water damage restoration and mold remediation—online.

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