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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Funeral Director February 3, 2020

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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Funeral Director, West Haven, Connecticut

After the passing of a loved one, you’ll need to begin making service arrangements. The first step in the process is scheduling a meeting with the director of the funeral home. Known as an arrangement conference, the appointment covers a range of topics necessary to ensure a proper farewell. To help reduce your stress during this difficult time, follow these three tips ahead of time. 

3 Preparation Steps for Meeting With a Funeral Director

1. Gather Vital Information

When a death occurs, there are important documents that need to be completed and filed. Fortunately, funeral directors typically handle the paperwork, but you must first provide the necessary information. For that reason, you need to know the deceased's Social Security number, birth date, and legal name. They also need biographical information to create an obituary, as well as their education, hobbies, passions, and surviving family members’ names and ages.

2. Determine Service Type & Style

funeral homeOne of the biggest aspects of the conference is choosing how your loved one will be honored. If they made prearrangements for the funeral, then you simply need to review those documents with the director. However, when preplanning hasn't occurred, you need to make a variety of decisions. These details include choosing between burial and cremation, as well as determining ceremony and visitation options. 

3. Set a Budget

Before you can choose specific items for the arrangements, you need to know how much you can spend. This step allows you to avoid creating a financial burden on yourself or your family members. By setting a budget, you also enable the director to narrow down your selection for caskets and urns. If you’re relying partly or fully on a life insurance policy, bring the necessary paperwork with you to the funeral home.

The compassionate staff at Porto Funeral Homes understand the challenges faced in the aftermath of loss. For over 75 years, the family-operated funeral home has proudly helped families across New Haven County, CT, honor their loved ones in respectful and caring ways. Visit their website today to learn more about the funeral options available, and direct any questions to (203) 467-3000 in East Haven or (203) 934-5000 in West Haven. 

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