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3 Warning Signs That You May Have Bedbugs January 16, 2020

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3 Warning Signs That You May Have Bedbugs, Bolivar, Missouri

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” may be a cliche saying, but anyone who has ever experienced bedbugs knows that they are no laughing matter. These small, biting insects can make it hard to get a good night’s rest, leaving you unable to enjoy living in your own home. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, there’s a good chance you are dealing with an infestation and need to hire a bedbug control specialist.

How to Know That You Have Bedbugs

1. Red, Itchy Welts

The most obvious sign that you’re dealing with bedbugs is when you wake up with red, itchy bite marks in the morning. These bites could appear in clusters or straight lines. The bites will be present on any skin that is exposed while you are lying in bed, such as your shoulders, arms, and legs.

2. Bedbug Skins & Droppings

bedbugs Bolivar, MOThough bedbugs are small and often hard to detect, they will still leave signs of their presence. Dark, rust-covered spots on the sheets could be their droppings. Shed skin, eggs, and droppings are especially prevalent in the area between the mattress and box spring, as well as the seams and corners of the bed. These dark, sheltered areas provide the perfect hiding place for bedbugs between nightly feedings.

3. Unusual Odors

Bedbugs have strong-smelling pheromones that can be especially noticeable when they are present in large numbers. This musty odor is similar to a wet, mildewy towel. If you notice this scent in your bedroom, don’t limit your search to the bed itself. Bedbugs often migrate to clothing, carpet edges, and other dark, tight spaces. Once they are in your home, they often burrow into any soft, fabric surface.


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