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5 Ways to Ease Your Child Into Potty Training March 24, 2020

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5 Ways to Ease Your Child Into Potty Training, Shelton, Connecticut

Early childhood is a time of rapid development, and potty training is one big step in the process. If your little one is showing signs of potty training readiness, such as fewer soiled diapers and more regular bowel movements, it’s time to get them started. Here’s how you can help your child reach this exciting milestone.

A Parent’s Guide to Potty Training

1. Talk Up Potty Training

Before training begins, warm your child up to the idea of using the toilet. Praise them for how grown up they’ve been lately and introduce using the potty as the next step in being a big kid. However, don’t place too much pressure or importance on their performance, as you might make the process seem much more intimidating than it is.

2. Choose the Right Potty

When it comes to the potties themselves, you have a lot of options. Some children prefer using the toilet so parents can opt for a stool and potty training seat. Others find toilet flushing to be loud and scary. You can help them get accustomed to the sound later, but as they begin training, a potty chair will be more comfortable.

3. Start Using Pull-Ups

early childhoodWeaning your little one out of diapers is a critical part of the potty training process. Swap their diapers with pull-ups, which are easy to pull down like regular underwear but can be disposed of if they’re soiled. If your child seems opposed to the change, choose pull-ups with their favorite cartoon characters and remind them that they’ll be wearing grown-up pants, just like their parents.

4. Create a Schedule

You can’t always predict when your child needs to go, but setting up potty times will help regulate their bowel movements and cause fewer accidents. Organize a schedule revolving around when they seem to go most often, such as after meals and nap time. Also, try to coordinate with your daycare center’s routine to keep it consistent.

5. Practice Patience

There will be accidents, even after your child seems to be making progress. Be patient, and try not to voice your frustrations around them. If you scold or punish them, they may build negative associations around potty training and feel discouraged from trying again. Soon enough, your child will be using the potty like a pro and checking off another step in early childhood development.


If you’re looking for a child care provider that works with you to guide your little one through the potty training process, start your search off right by reaching out to Pumpkin Preschool. With 30 years of experience, this early childhood learning center knows that the love of learning comes from a great beginning. Through gentle teacher guidance, children develop social and emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and communication skills. Their specialized preschool curriculum ensures children learn to collaborate and problem solve as they move toward school readiness and independence. Call 1 (800) DAYCARE (329-2273) to book an appointment, or visit their website for additional information on their educational goals.

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