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3 Common Causes of Broken Locks January 14, 2020

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3 Common Causes of Broken Locks, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Broken locks pose a serious safety risk to your home. Ineffective locks can be rendered useless, allowing burglars to come and go as they please. Understanding several of the common causes of broken locks can help you protect your home going forward and schedule lock replacement when needed.

Why Is Your Lock Broken?

1. Misalignments

Over time, door and lock hardware can come out of alignment. You’ll first notice that the door is difficult to close or keep closed. The bolt or latch then won’t fit into the slot on the jamb correctly. Damage to the lock or swelling due to temperature changes could also be the cause.

In this case, lock replacement isn’t always necessary. A locksmith can file down the strike plate so that the bolt or latch catches with the jamb. It’s not a DIY job—always hire professional help for reliable results.

2. Weather & Environmental Damage

lock replacementExterior locks experience a lot of weather-related stress. When exterior paint is eroded or stripped, door latches can be damaged. Weatherstrips can then catch between the jamb and door. This stops them from creating a tight seal when the door is closed. Check your stripping throughout the year and look for signs of moisture and paint damage around the jamb.

Locks can also freeze when the temperature drops. This is most common when they’re dirty. If your lock is frozen, warm your key up and press it into the hole to see if it thaws the buildup. If not, schedule lock replacement services.

3. An Object Is Jammed In

Any object that’s jammed into the keyhole will damage the lock. It may be a key broken off inside, a hairpin, or small, thin, piece of metal. If this happens, replace your locks right away. In some cases, this is a sign that a break-in was attempted. You can have a locksmith install high-quality deadbolts and other locks to better protect your home.


If you’re due for a lock replacement, contact Richmond Hill Locksmith. Serving Richmond Hill and the surrounding Bryan County, GA, these professionals provide 24/7 mobile lockout services. They can provide whole-home door lock replacement services and new keys as needed. Call (912) 727-3878 to reach a locksmith and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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