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4 FAQ About Sump Pumps January 31, 2020

Kalispell, Flathead
4 FAQ About Sump Pumps, Kalispell, Montana

If your home is susceptible to flooding, you may look for solutions. The primary purpose of a sump pump is to remove any excess water from your basement and diverge it to an outside drain. If you think this might benefit you, here are answers to a few common questions about this equipment to help you understand whether it’s right for your needs.

What You Need to Know About Sump Pumps

How does it work?

In case of a flood, water will collect in the sump pit, which is the lowest part of the basement after a sump pump installation. When the hole starts to fill, the pump will manually or automatically activate and start pushing the water up. Redirecting the water outside and away from your foundation will help you prevent water damage and mold growth.

What types are available?

Pedestal units are often more affordable and energy-efficient. The motor sits aboveground, which generates more noise. This option is ideal for smaller basements.

Submersible pumps are placed underground in waterproof casings. This makes it more expensive, but also quieter. Since it’s less accessible, this unit is harder to maintain.

What’s the ideal size for my home?

sump pumpThe horsepower (hp), not the physical dimensions, determines the capacity of the pump. The standard unit offers 0.33 hp.

If you have a large basement, however, you may need equipment with up to 0.75-hp to push all accumulated water. 

How should I maintain it?

Regularly check and clean the filtration basket to remove dirt and debris buildup. To avoid electrical overcharge, don’t plug the unit into an outlet being used by other appliances. You should also schedule annual inspections to ensure the batteries are operational, which guarantees an automatic system will kick in when necessary.


If you want to install a sump pump in your home, turn to the plumbing professionals of Flo-Rite Plumbing, Inc. Serving the greater Flathead Valley and Northwest Montana, their plumbers will determine what equipment is best for your needs and install it for your convenience. They also offer 24/7 emergency service to help you in case of flooding. Call (406) 257-6897 today to schedule an appointment or visit their website to learn more about their plumbing services.

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