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5 Dog Coat Types & How Often They Should Be Groomed  January 14, 2020

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5 Dog Coat Types & How Often They Should Be Groomed , Sanford, North Carolina

Bringing a puppy into the family is exciting, and you’ll want to do everything you can to take care of them. If you haven’t had a dog before, or this is a new breed or mix, proper pet grooming can be a concern. Here’s what you should know about different types of dog coats and how they should be groomed.

How to Groom Different Dog Coats

1. Single & Double Coats

Single coat dogs can have hair of any length, but there’s only one layer. Double-coated dogs have a shorter undercoat that makes the hair dense and thick. Single coat breeds will shed less and may need to wear a dog vest in cold weather to keep warm. Their double-coated cousins need more grooming to prevent mats and will have seasonal times of increased shedding of the undercoat. 

2. Short, Medium, & Long Hair

pet-groomingDog hair length is categorized by short, medium, and long. Short hair breeds are typically smooth and glossy in appearance, shed little, and need only basic pet grooming.

Medium length coats often have a smooth appearance if single or rough if double. Breeds such as golden retrievers may have “feathering” on the legs. They’ll need regular baths and brushing, especially on legs and tail. 

Long-haired breeds, such as sheepdogs or collies, have impressive coats when they’re cared for, but they require regular brushing, bathing, and trims. If your puppy is long-haired, consider cropping the hair short until they reach maturity, then opt for professional pet grooming.

3. Curly Coat

Curly coated dogs, such as poodles, are known for their extravagant locks and cuts. Their hair needs regular grooming and trimming to keep it clean of dirt and plant material. This type of hair also often gets mats that can be dealt with through routine grooming.

4. Wire Coat

These dogs often have a mustache or beard, as well as prominent eyebrows. Also called “broken-coated,” the texture of their hair is stiff and wiry. Many terrier breeds have this style of coat, which needs careful hand stripping to remove old hair and frequent trims.

5. Silky Coat

These breeds have soft, silky hair that is glossy and sometimes wavy. They require frequent brushing to keep hair shiny and prevent mats and knots. Irish setters are one example of a breed that has a silky coat.


If you need professional pet grooming for your new pooch, the Carolina Veterinary Hospital in Sanford, NC, can help. They offer grooming and boarding, as well as preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic care for dogs. The highly trained staff has been serving the community for over 40 years. Call (919) 258-3349 to make an appointment or visit the website to see a full list of services.