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4 Reasons to Switch From Cheaters to Prescription Lenses January 15, 2020

Rhinelander, Oneida
4 Reasons to Switch From Cheaters to Prescription Lenses, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Cheaters are eyeglasses purchased at pharmacies and big-box retailers. They’re affordable and convenient, but they’re not healthy for your eyes. They lack the personalization of prescription glasses and don’t provide the clarity you need. If you’re using cheaters, changing to prescription glasses will allow you to appreciate the world with greater precision.

How Are Prescription Lenses Different From Cheaters?

1. Prescription Lenses are Personalized

Both of your eyes may have different needs. For example, your left eye might need greater focus when reading than the right eye. Cheater glasses are made with an equal level of power in both lenses and can’t account for the different needs your eyes might have. This can lead to an unbalanced view when using your glasses.

Prescription eyeglasses are specifically made to cater to your needs. If your right eye needs antistigmatism correction, your optometrist will make a pair. If your left eye needs greater focus, prescription glasses will ensure a balanced and clear view.

2. Prescriptions Offer Protection

EyeglassesCheaters don’t have an anti-reflective coating (ARC) that prescription glasses have built-in. With less light reflecting off the lens, the less strain will be put on your eyes. The coating also improves vision under fluorescent light.

With more people reading over tablets, cellphones, and computer screens both at work and at home, eyestrain has become more likely.

The blue light emitted by these devices dries out the eyes, causes blurry vision and eye fatigue, and even disrupts sleep patterns.

Modern prescription lenses are made with a polymer that prevents the light from passing through the lenses. This allows you to read, work, or watch videos comfortably.

3. Cheaters Are Magnifying Glasses

Both prescription and cheaters offer magnification, making images appear closer. However, cheaters are only magnifying glasses. They don’t have high optical clarity. While prescription lenses offer magnification, the lenses are also made to focus. This allows for a clearer image that reduces eyestrain.

4. Cheaters Can Cause Headaches

Eyeglasses have an optical center placed on each lens. The center depends on the distance between each pupil, and each person has a different optical center. Prescription eyeglasses account for this to create a clearer view.

Cheaters don’t have that personalization. Instead, you’ll have optical centers that are too narrow or too wide. This reduces clarity and causes double vision and headaches the longer they’re used.



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