Kaneohe, Hawaii

Xeriscaping Do's & Don'ts February 4, 2020

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
Xeriscaping Do's & Don'ts, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on landscaping upkeep, xeriscaping may be the best option for you. By design, it requires little to no pest control or manual watering, making it one of the easiest types of landscaping to implement and maintain. However, successful xeriscaping still involves some guidelines, including the following do’s and don’ts.


Make watering as natural as possible. 

Group your plants according to their watering needs and whether they do better in sunlight or shade. Design your xeriscaping around the drainage patterns already embedded in the land so rainwater will naturally reach the plants. For daily convenience, install a drip irrigation system, which delivers water straight to the roots for you. 

Focus on native and drought-resistant plants. 

xeriscapingPlants native to your area have already proven that they can survive well on their own. The same can be said of drought-resistant plants, such as irises, asters, lavenders, tulips, marigolds, and zinnias, regardless of whether they’re native. 


Start off too big. 

After a few years, xeriscaping will help your flowers and shrubs thrive to the point that they may be several sizes larger than when you first planted them. Get small specimens to start, and let them flourish over time. 

Use a lot of turf. 

Small areas of turf are useful, especially if you want to have space for picnics or playtime for pets and kids. However, it requires much more manual watering than other plants, so keep it to a minimum. Also, leave the grass about 2.5 to three inches long; taller blades retain moisture better.


For professional help with xeriscaping, turn to Hui Kū Maoli Ola Native Hawaiian Plant Specialists in Kaneohe. They’ve provided landscaping services and a selection of more than 100 types of native Hawaiian plants since 1999. Call them at (808) 235-6165 to discuss your project, or check out their website for more about their xeriscaping services.

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