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3 Ways to Reduce Noise From a Metal Roof January 14, 2020

Jenks, Tulsa County
3 Ways to Reduce Noise From a Metal Roof, Jenks, Oklahoma

For homeowners considering adding a metal roof to their homes, one of the most common concerns is noise. Rain on a metal roof can be uncomfortably loud, which is why modern designs include several ways to muffle it. Here's what you and a contractor can do to make the roof quieter so you can enjoy all the other benefits of a metal system.

How to Keep a Metal Roof Quiet

1. Design & Installation

Your installation should include an underlayment—a layer between the metal tiles and the sheathing. It can be made of foam or sheets of nylon, which should muffle most of the sound.

The contractor should also use plenty of fastenings to make sure the metal is firmly in place and won't move when wind or rain hits it. Good design and installation principles like these eliminate most issues with noise.

2. Insulation

Metal RoofInsulation beneath the roof or inside the attic is a necessity for energy efficiency, but it also muffles noise.

Whether it's layers of cottony fiberglass or thick spray foam, the insulation blocks noise the same way as a pillow over your ears. Even if you can hear the roof when you're outdoors, it will be quiet indoors.

3. Quiet Profiles

There are different types of metal roofs, and some are louder than others. When you think of a loud metal roof, you're probably thinking of corrugated tin or aluminum—a system which is cheap and simple to install in sheds and barns.

However, it’s the noisiest available option because the shape encourages vibrations. Flat sheets, standing seam roofs, and metal tile systems are naturally quieter.


If you're considering a metal roof for your home, Guaranteed Roofing in Jenks, OK, will work with you to make sure it's quiet and fit your needs. Serving Tulsa County for over 20 years, this locally owned and operated company is committed to offering fast, affordable, trustworthy service. For an estimate, call (918) 451-0119 or visit their website for a closer look at their offerings.

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