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3 Types of Business Insurance You May Be Surprised You Need January 14, 2020

Lovington, Lea
3 Types of Business Insurance You May Be Surprised You Need, Lovington, New Mexico

Most business owners understand the importance of protecting themselves against liability claims and property damage, but there are countless risks that have the potential to jeopardize a company’s success. As such, you need to thoroughly explore all the coverage options when shopping for business insurance. This is the only way to ensure that there aren’t any gaps in your policy that open you to financial loss. Here are a few useful solutions to keep in mind.

What Business Insurance Policies Does Your Company Need to Weather Challenges? 

1. Income Stabilization Weather

It’s common knowledge that harsh weather can wreak havoc on a company, but conditions don’t have to be extreme to be a burden on operations. Certain businesses, such as restaurants, car washes, water parks, golf courses, and ski resorts rely on the right kind of weather to be profitable.

Income stabilization weather coverage is business insurance that will help your organization stay afloat if you experience a considerable reduction in revenue due to unfavorable climate conditions.

2. Cyber Liability 

business insuranceIf your business is responsible for holding personal client information, handling e-commerce websites, installing firewalls, or securing any kind of sensitive data, you need to protect yourself against the possibility of lost, stolen, or damaged data.

As hackers become more sophisticated, any company that sends, receives, or stores information electronically is at risk of facing a security breach. Cyber liability insurance will help cover the cost to replace or restore data, loss of income due to business interruption, notification expenses, and third-party lawsuits.

3. Business Life 

When you own or co-own a small business, your passing may not only be financially devastating for your family, but it can also affect your business partners and employees. Business life insurance is similar to a normal life insurance policy; however, it’s owned by the business rather than an individual.

Should you unexpectedly pass away, this policy will help your partners buy out your share of the business and keep it running. Without the payout from the policy, they may be unable to gather the funds they need, which could ultimately lead to the company’s failure.


If you have any concerns that your company isn’t adequately protected, reach out to Reid Insurance Group. They’ll carefully assess the risks that apply specifically to your company and determine which types of business insurance are necessary for safeguarding your organization’s finances. For 75 years, they’ve proudly provided entrepreneurs throughout Lea County, NM, with high-quality, customized policies at competitive rates. Call (575) 396-3645 to set up an appointment, or visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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