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What You Should Know When Creating Business Signs January 14, 2020

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What You Should Know When Creating Business Signs, Texarkana, Texas

Well-designed business signs help you attract customers and tell them about your business. In other words, the quality of the design will impact your bottom line. A local sign company can help you create a custom sign that's both attractive and effective. Here's what you need to know when working with a local provider on this type of project.

4 FAQ About Designing a Business Sign

If I already have a logo, why do I need more design work?

Even if you want a simple design that only includes your name and logo, a designer will add the polish you need to make the sign pop. They can choose a font, create a layout, choose a background color, and decide on the shape.

Their design expertise ensures the end result looks simple and professional. If you want a more complex design, they’ll make it eye-catching instead of cluttered.

What information does my designer need?

Business SignsFirst, your designer needs to know where you're putting the sign, whether it’s on the side of a building, in a window, or by itself. They might consult with you about the best choice for your business and will get exact measurements of the available space.

Then they'll ask you about the materials you want and whether the sign should light up. Provide them any branding guidelines and design materials you have, including a high-resolution version of your logo. Let them know of any specific instructions or ideas you have for the design.

What will the design process be like?

Generally, your designer will use the materials and information you give them to create one or more initial mock-ups of the design. They'll ask you for feedback before creating a more polished final version.

Depending on your provider, there may be several rounds of feedback and revisions. Finally, they'll use the approved design to build the sign itself.

Are there constraints on my design?

The materials you use will determine how large your sign can be and what shapes you can use. For example, a vinyl banner won't hold a rigid shape on its own, so it can't usually have a complex outline.

Depending on where you want to install your sign, you may need a permit. You may also need to follow local regulations about the size and height, too. 


If you need a business sign in Arkansas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma, contact Hightech Signs. Based in Texarkana, TX, they have 26 years of experience creating a wide variety of designs, including banners, monument signs, and channel letters. They're professional, dedicated, and familiar with the practical and legal requirements of the work. Call (903) 838-8999 or visit their website to get started.

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