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How to Choose an Electrologist January 28, 2020

Oak Lawn, Northeast Dallas
How to Choose an Electrologist, Northeast Dallas, Texas

Electrolysis is the process of using tiny lasers to zap hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair removal over multiple sessions. If you've decided this process is right for you, use these tips to find an electrologist that suits your needs.

Use These Tips to Find the Perfect Electrologist 

1. Confidentiality 

Hair removal is a private business and should remain confidential between you and your electrologist. Similar to a general practitioner, they are allowed to state procedures they've done on others, but not who they've done them on. Find a facility that has isolated consultation and treatment areas for additional privacy.

2. Inclusiveness

An office that encourages inclusiveness is one that serves anyone regardless of race, gender, sex, or sexual orientation. An inclusive clinic will be a welcoming and judgment-free space that allows you to be open and honest about what you need. There are multiple reasons why someone may need permanent hair removal, and the office should not judge you or those reasons.

3. Cleanliness

Since electrolysis is a medical procedure, the office should adhere to strict sanitary procedures. Confirm that your electrologist wears gloves and uses sterile, disposable instruments before agreeing to any treatments. They should also be comfortable showing you these instruments during the consultation. The entire office should be clean, including the waiting area and washrooms.

4. Professionalism

hair removalBoard-certified credentials such as the Certified Professional Electrologist certificate should be on display when you walk into the consultation office or the treatment center. Hair removal is a specialized practice, and your electrologist must be licensed before they are allowed to work. Their language, demeanor, and dress should all be professional as well.


If you decide that permanent hair removal is for you, look to the experts at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Dallas, TX. The treatment can be performed on nearly anywhere on the body, including underarms, legs, and arms. The inclusive specialists at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow are dedicated to removing unwanted hair as a way to restore your confidence. Visit them online for more information or call (682) 593-1442 to schedule an appointment.

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