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3 Tips for Preparing a Child for a Funeral February 4, 2020

North Gates, Monroe
3 Tips for Preparing a Child for a Funeral, North Gates, New York

celebration of life service is the best time to say your final goodbyes to a loved one while remembering all of the good times you shared. However, when you have young ones at home, it can be tough to decide if they should be a part of this day. If you think your child may be ready to attend, follow these steps to prepare them for the funeral.

How to Prepare a Child for a Funeral

1. Let Them Decide

Once your child reaches an age where they can sit still during events, they may be ready for a funeral. At this point, have a conversation with your child and give them a choice to attend or not. A celebration of life can be a therapeutic event, especially for close family members, and giving your child the option will allow them independence in their grieving process.

2. Explain the Day’s Events

celebration of lifeIf this is your child's first funeral, prepare them by explaining how the day will go and what they should expect. If there will be an open casket, explain to them that this allows friends and family members to say their final goodbyes. However, don't force your child to visit the casket if they aren't comfortable doing so. Also, emphasize that while this day is a celebration of life, there will likely be people crying as well as laughing and sharing stories about the person who passed.

3. Seek Additional Support

When a loved one passes, it may be difficult for you to stay with your children throughout the entire day. If you find yourself in this situation, seek help from a protective guardian, such as a close friend or a babysitter the child knows well. Having a familiar face to turn to when you aren't available will help your child navigate their emotions during the service.


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