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FAQ About Tenant Eviction in New York January 28, 2020

New York, New York
FAQ About Tenant Eviction in New York, New York, New York

Eviction falls under one of the less pleasant aspects of rental property management, but it's also sometimes necessary. While someone who has refused to pay rent for a prolonged period or caused property damage can always be evicted, other grounds vary by state. If you manage an apartment complex in New York, learn more about this process below.

Common Questions About Tenant Eviction

What are the grounds for eviction in New York?

In addition to failing to pay rent and inflicting property damage, a landlord can evict a tenant in New York for keeping animals in their apartment without permission or engaging in illegal activities, including drug production and trafficking. Other grounds include refusing property entry to landlords when they require access for lawful reasons, such as checking electrical and plumbing components.

How can you evict a tenant before their lease expires?

rental property managementIn New York, a landlord needs a cause to evict a tenant. They also must provide a written notice of eviction that's specific to the reason for ending the lease early. For example, if the tenant refuses to pay rent, you must provide a 14-day notice to either pay or vacate the premises. Should the tenant remain without paying rent, you can file an eviction lawsuit with the state.

Can tenants fight eviction?

Rental property management teams must win their eviction lawsuits to remove tenants from their property. They can't forcibly evict tenants otherwise, nor can they seek removal based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability, marital, military, or familial status. If a tenant gets evicted for illegal reasons, they can sue for up to three times the damages.

What should you do after evicted tenants leave?

Landlords are under legal obligations to store non-perishable tenant property instead of donating it or putting items out for trash and recycling. If more than a month has passed without the former tenant collecting their belongings, you must contact your local government to determine the next steps.


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