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5 Strategies to Lessen Car Accident Injuries January 13, 2020

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5 Strategies to Lessen Car Accident Injuries, Hubbard, Texas

Even though modern vehicles boast a wide range of advanced safety features, car accidents still happen. Fortunately, a solid auto insurance policy can help you avoid many of the financial risks that come with collisions. But when it comes to protecting your health, you have to take additional steps to reduce the risk of injuries for everyone in the car. To help you prepare for these situations, here are five ways to lessen the severity of auto injuries.

How to Reduce the Impact of Auto Accident Injuries

1. Adjust the Steering Wheel

When you’re getting in the driver’s seat, raise or lower the steering wheel so that the central area and the middle of your chest are aligned. If the steering wheel is too high, the airbags inside could impact the face instead of the chest. This type of force may result in injuries to the face, as well as reduce the effectiveness of the airbag.

2. Support the Spine When Sitting 

Adjust the seat to a reclined position of about 95 to 100 degrees. This positioning will support the natural curve of your spine and help reinforce it against collision-related impact.

1. Always Buckle Up

auto insuranceIn Texas, not wearing a seatbelt could land you with a fine of up to $250. Plus, that’s not the only risk. Passing on the seatbelt—as well as failing to put children in appropriately-sized care seats—can largely increase the risk of severe injury or death. Buckling up can reduce the risk of death or serious injury by half.

4. Don’t Get Distracted

How you respond to hazards—such as drunk drivers or speeding motorcyclists—can affect the severity of an accident. Since every second counts, keep your eyes on the road so you can react quickly. As such, take steps to minimize all types of driving distractions—such as using a cell phone, turning your head to talk to passengers, or putting on makeup when you’re behind-the-wheel.

5. Follow-Up With a Doctor Immediately

Even if you don’t feel injured after a collision, see a doctor as soon as possible for a comprehensive exam. During this check-up, your provider will be able to spot all types of injuries—including whiplash, which may not produce symptoms right away. These reports can help support any auto insurance claims you may make to cover the costs of medical care.


Having peace of mind behind-the-wheel requires high-quality auto insurance. That’s why Texas Brand Insurance in Hubbard, TX, is proud to provide a variety of affordable policies from some of the top providers in the nation—such as Nationwide® and Progressive®. If collisions occur, you can count on these compassionate local insurance agents to deliver swift support to ensure your claims are processed with your well-being in mind. Visit this Hill County insurance company online to learn more about their expansive services or call (254) 576-1180 to request a free consultation.    

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