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4 Must-Have Pieces of Commercial Food Equipment January 13, 2020

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
4 Must-Have Pieces of Commercial Food Equipment , Maryland Heights, Missouri

Quality commercial food equipment is essential for kitchen safety. It ensures that food remains at the proper temperature and maintains a clean atmosphere. However, selecting the products to outfit a new kitchen can be a challenge. Narrow down your options by considering the following and determining which items will best suit your needs.

Common Types of Commercial Food Equipment

1. Grill

From flat tops to open grates, grills are a necessity when setting up a commercial kitchen. Each is made to serve a specific purpose, such as browning pancakes and cooking steaks, and can easily fit your kitchen’s design. Their high-tech ignitions produce the optimal temperature in a matter of minutes and will help to speed up the cooking process.

2. Refrigerator

commercial food equipmentCold storage maintains freshness and prolongs the life span of the food. It’s available in both reach-in and walk-in designs and features a thermostat to ensure a consistent internal temperature. Smaller products contain built-in shelving, while larger options provide the space for setting up individual units inside.

3. Oven

For items that take longer than a few minutes to cook, you may want to install either a conventional or a convection oven. Conventional features a stationary heat source at the bottom while convection has an internal fan that keeps the heat circulating. They’re available in a variety of different sizes and can contain a myriad of dishes, including roasts, pizzas, and individual pot pies.

4. Stove

Ranges are essential for making small batches of sauces, custards, and other delectable sides. While gas ranges tend to heat up a lot faster, electric ones feature a smooth, easy-to-clean design. Each one comes with overhead ventilation to minimize humidity and ensure that the air remains breathable.


Maintain functionality with the help of Lindbergh Commercial Services in Maryland Heights, MO. Our locally owned company has 13 years of experience in servicing commercial food equipment and is fully licensed and insured. Our staff members are trained in the latest techniques for installations and repairs and will ensure that your new restaurant equipment is ready for use. We keep our prices affordable and are known for prompt response times. Learn more about our services by visiting the website. Call (314) 731-0404 to request a free quote.

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