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4 Different Car Leaks You May Experience January 17, 2020

Twin, Ross
4 Different Car Leaks You May Experience, Twin, Ohio

Even if you do all the necessary auto maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle in excellent shape, issues with it inevitably happen. One of the most common indicators that you need auto repairs is a leaking vehicle, but it is challenging to know the exact problem. Understanding how to identify different types of leaks helps you understand what repairs you need.

Identifying What Type of Leak You Have

1. Oil

Oil changes are part of every vehicle’s regular auto maintenance because it lubricates the engine components to prevent breakdowns. If you have an engine that is leaking oil, you should fix it immediately. It is easy to identify because there will be a black puddle that stains the ground directly under the engine. A failed gasket or oil drain pan problems are the most common causes.

2. Brake Fluid

While not the most common leak, it’s significantly dangerous. Without the proper amount of fluid, the braking system for the vehicle won’t work. You can identify it by clear to yellowish fluids with a medium thickness puddling near the wheels or directly under the brake pedal. If you have this kind of leak, tow the vehicle to an auto service expert rather than risk driving it.

3. Transmission Fluid

auto maintenanceThis red-brown fluid has a thick, oil-like consistency, and the leak is typically underneath the vehicle in the front. It’s needed to prevent the transmission from failing, and most leaks are due to a faulty seal or damage to the return line. If your car is leaking transmission fluid, schedule auto maintenance to avoid needing an expensive replacement.

4. Windshield Wiper Fluid

A leak of this nature isn’t as problematic for the vehicle, but it can be dangerous for you. Without it, removing obstructions off the windshield while driving is more challenging. The fluid is often blue but can also be green or orange, and it has a water-like consistency. If you suspect the windshield wiper fluid is leaking, check the levels in the tank. If it’s low, either the tank or connected tubing has become damaged.


If your vehicle is suffering a leak, schedule auto maintenance with the experts at Top Quality Auto Parts & Accessories in Chillicothe, OH. For more than 20 years, they’ve helped local drivers keep their vehicles on the road with full-service auto repairs. Their experts will diagnose your issue and offer reliable maintenance to keep your vehicle operating efficiently. Schedule an appointment by calling (740) 775-8111 or learn more about their services online.
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