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5 Plants You Can Grow in Your Sunroom Year-Round January 31, 2020

Iron Triangle, East Yolo
5 Plants You Can Grow in Your Sunroom Year-Round, East Yolo, California

Plants will add a homey touch to your new sunroom installation. You might feel like flowers and plants take too much work. However, there are some plants that can grow in your sunroom all year long with very little maintenance.

Which Plants Can Brighten Up Your Sunroom Installation? 

1. Peace Lily

Peace lilies have beautiful dark green leaves. They get their name because their flower features a hood-like sheath that looks like a flag for surrender. They’re very low-maintenance and are perfect for any sunroom installation. NASA even considers them one of the best air-cleaning houseplants.

2. Christmas Cactus

This plant doesn’t need to get thrown away on January 1. It can be grown year-round, and it doesn’t require finding the perfect spot so it can get a lot of sunlight. A Christmas cactus looks like a cactus with branches with beautiful purple flowers on the ends. It will thrive just hung by a window.

3. Lucky Bamboo

sunroom installationLucky bamboo is really a flowering plant found in South America. It’s impossible to overwater lucky bamboo because it’s grown in water, not soil. As long as these plants get enough sun and their water is refilled, they’ll flourish.

4. Spider Plant

Spider plants make ideal hanging plants. They get their name because their leaves spill over the sides of their containers like spider legs. They’re hearty and only need to be watered when the top inch of their soil is dry.

5. Aloe

Aloe is an ideal plant to get in the winter, because it loves dry air. Their fleshy leaves store water for a long time, so the plant can survive for quite a while if you forget to water it. Some people even use aloe on sunburns and other skin issues to soothe the injury.


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