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5 Home Inspection Red Flags You Can't Ignore January 31, 2020

Huntington, Huntington
5 Home Inspection Red Flags You Can't Ignore, Huntington, New York

Purchasing a house without a home inspection is risky since it's impossible to know what condition the property is in just by looking around on your own. However, it's also important to note that not all issues found during these examinations are cause for serious concern. Below, learn more about some potential red flags that will require further insight before making a decision on the home. 

What Home Inspection Problems Are Most Concerning?

1. Termites

While cockroaches, ants, and silverfish are all unpleasant pests to deal with, they're also easy to eradicate and won't affect your home's stability. Unfortunately, termites are different. An extensive termite infestation, or signs of an old one, means there may be structural issues endangering the home and its inhabitants.Having an a wood boring insect inspection by a licensed contractor is always recommended 

2. Foundation Issues

Termites aren't the only stability issue to consider, foundation damage should also give you pause. Budges, cracks, and other serious issues are costly to repair, and they may require you to remove the surrounding soil, which adds landscaping expenses to the final tally.

3. Aluminum Wiring

home inspectionIf the house you're considering is older, ask if it features its original wiring. Homes constructed during the 1960s and 70s possibly had aluminum rather than copper wiring. However, this increases the home's risk of electrical fires because the material expands and contracts when it's exposed to heat, creating loose connections as well as metals joined together improperly causing overheating at the connection. A licensed electrician should review the electrical system of the home .

4. Mold

While mold infestations less than 10 square feet are easy to remedy, large amounts of mold will pose health hazards.Certain Black mold is especially dangerous to humans, causing central nervous system damage and harming the immune system. Also, since these spores break down organic matter, they can eventually compromise wooden structural components.

5. Buried Oil Tanks

Oil tanks were often buried in yards in certain eras and the steel tanks may deteriorate over time. However, old, leaking tanks can cost a lot to remove because of the environmental repercussions. If you're interested in an older residence that has an buried oil tank you should have in abandoned properly and certified to avoid future environmental issues. If there is proof that the tank is fiberglass the risk of ground leaks is reduced greatly and may be permitted in most municipalities .   


Whether you’re buying your first, second, or fifth home, rely on New Home Inspectors to help you make an informed decision. This home inspection company has served residents throughout Long Island, NY, since 2001, providing reliable services to individuals and businesses alike. Call (631) 368-1800 today to schedule an inspection, or learn more about their services online.

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