Carmel, New York

For Emergency Septic Services, Call Great Bear Septic October 19, 2015

Carmel, Putnam
For Emergency Septic Services, Call Great Bear Septic, Carmel, New York

Septic system emergencies are never pleasant, and they can be incredibly destructive, so it's best if they can be addressed quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, fixing septic emergencies is one of the specialties of Great Bear Septic Service.

Located in Mahopac, New York, Great Bear Septic services Putnam County, Dutchess County, and Westchester County, and is often hailed as the best septic company in the region. They are owned and operated by people who've lived in the area their whole lives, and they have 31 years of experience fixing septic systems and tanks. Licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation as well as both Putnam and Westchester counties, their streamlined operation allows them to respond to emergencies quickly.

If your fixtures drain slowly or if there are foul odors or gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing or drainfield areas, Great Bear will hurry out to your location to fix the problem before it gets worse. Even if there is water or sewage backing up into your home, they can handle it. 

Great Bear Septic is a leading-industry organization with two pumper trucks and one electric snake truck for septic pumping and inspections, snaking clogged drains, and cesspool maintenance. No matter what kind of septic problems you're experiencing, their prompt service and fair pricing will get your system back in order without draining your wallet.


For more information about Great Bear Septic Service, call them directly at (845) 621-0250, or visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook for news and updates.

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