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3 Easy Steps To Get Kids Bowling January 16, 2020

Shelby, La Crosse County
3 Easy Steps To Get Kids Bowling, Shelby, Wisconsin

There are few family activities more fun and rewarding than a trip to the bowling alley. Bowling is a great sport to introduce children to, and it’s safe enough for them to start from a young age. Regardless of their skill level, they’re sure to enjoy themselves. Here are three tips on how to get your kids started on their first trip to the lanes.

3 Ways to Introduce Children to Bowling

1. Safety First

Safety comes first and foremost when teaching children how to bowl. Show them where the lane begins and explain how they should never step over the line. Running onto lanes is a temptation for tots — keep in mind that the lanes are slippery, and they could fall and injure themselves, even if they aren’t carrying a ball.

BowlingYou’ll also need to show them how to handle a bowling ball. The safest way to hold a ball is with two hands. Once they have more experience and are strong enough to handle it, they can try bowling one-handed. Always check to make sure they’re using a ball that’s the appropriate weight.

2. Use Child-Friendly Equipment

Most bowling alleys have ramps that youngsters can use if they’re too small to get enough momentum for their ball to make it down the lane. Nearly all bowling facilities have bumpers — rails on each side of the lane that prevent the ball from dropping into the gutter. Kids love these features, as they let them hit the pins while avoiding the frustration of gutter balls.

In some alleys, you need to let the attendant know who’ll be using bumpers, and they’ll program your game so the bumpers automatically come up on that person’s turn. Other places provide you with a hook to pull them up manually.

3. Go Often

The more you bowl, the better you get. Practice is key, and although some people are naturally skilled and have the strength to shoot a bowling ball down the lane quickly, it’s easy to become good if you play a lot. It’s a friendly sport, and attendants or other skilled players are usually happy to give out tips and tricks on how to improve your technique.



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