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How Much House Do You Need? January 10, 2020

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
How Much House Do You Need?, O'Fallon, Missouri

When you’re ready to buy a house, there are several factors to consider. You must think about what you can afford, but also your practical needs, such as its size. This overview will help you look at these various factors together so that you have a better picture of your ideal home.

What Should You Look for When You Buy a House?

How Many Rooms Should it Have?

When it’s time to buy a house, try to predict what your future holds. If you don’t have children, but you expect to have multiple in the future, obtaining a one- or two-bedroom may not be wise. If you have a home business or a hobby that takes up significant space, you may also want extra rooms for those endeavors. As you look for your new home, considering these plans will help you find one that you’ll grow into.

How Much Square Footage Should It Have? 

Buy a HouseIn addition to the number of rooms, consider the square footage of living space. The real estate market has changed, providing larger homes that are more accommodating. For example, homes built in 1973 offered an average 1,660 square feet of living space, but, in 2015, the average is 2,687 square feet. That’s more than 1,000 square feet, suggesting that families need more room to spread out. The size of the home you choose will depend on how many children you have, or plan to have, and how frequently you entertain guests.

How Much Can You Afford?

Determining how much home you can afford is a complicated process that should involve re-examining your budget. You must make your mortgage payment, pay monthly bills and debts, and have enough left over to put in a savings account. As you weigh your income against expenses, remember that your mortgage payment will include more than the principal and interest. You’ll also have homeowners insurance, taxes, homeowners association dues, and upkeep costs. Generally, you should be able to pay twice your mortgage payment and still meet your other financial responsibilities each month.


When it’s time to buy a house, working with an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate the market. Christine Williams Realtor-Coldwell Banker Gundaker knows the O’Fallon, MO, real estate market, so she can help you pinpoint the homes that best fit your needs. Her familiarity with the area and her networking abilities ensure you’ll find out about new homes as soon as they reach the market. To learn more about Christine Williams, visit her website. To arrange a consultation, call (314) 882-7050.

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