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4 Serious Issues Your Semi-Truck May Experience January 16, 2020

Morehead, Rowan
4 Serious Issues Your Semi-Truck May Experience, Morehead, Kentucky

As a truck driver, maintaining and repairing your semi is a part of life. Knowing which problems they run into most often allow you to keep the truck parts to fix them on hand, saving time and money. Below are several of the most prevalent causes of semi breakdowns.

What Common Problems Do Semi-Trucks Have?

1. Overheating

Overheating can happen intermittently, but if not repaired, it can lead to total failure or further problems with your rig. There are several causes, including coolant leak, a blown gasket, a broken or loose belt, or a damaged hose. You can’t prepare for all instances of this issue, but once you find the specific reason, you can order the truck parts to fix it.

2. Brake Failure

Braking systems often cause problems due to the increased demands and heavier loads on semi-trucks that cause them to wear out faster. Failing to maintain the brakes by replacing pads and fluid as needed is not only dangerous, but can also cause failure. If only one brake goes out, you can still rely on the others to stop, but you should replace it immediately to prevent further issues with the remaining brakes. Keep a basic brake replacement kit with the necessary truck parts and hardware in the rig for emergencies.

3. Blown Tires

truck partsSemi-trucks cover considerable miles in a short period, so you need to check tires frequently. Blowouts occur when drivers have to slam on brakes, hit debris in the road, or the tire gives out. Make sure they have optimal air pressure and always check the tread for uneven wear—which indicates a misalignment—or a low tread that means you need a replacement. Always have a spare or two on the truck.

4. Bad Battery

Another frequent issue is a dead or failing battery. The terminals and wires can corrode, or the cables can loosen. This causes it to stop holding a charge and have a weakened output. Signs include dimming or flickering lights, an odd smell, the truck dying while you are driving, and clicking sounds when you start the engine. Jumper cables, a battery tester, and a corrosion cleaner are useful supplies to keep on hand.


Quality truck parts will minimize the breakdown encounters your rigs experience. Wholesale Auto Parts in Morehead, KY, offers lasting truck parts and hardware to keep your semi-truck on the road. They’ve been operating since 1976, and their staff consists of certified mechanics who will make sure you get the part you need. Learn more about their services online, and call (606) 784-4147 to ask if the part you need is in stock.

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