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The Do's & Don'ts of Using a Hand Truck January 14, 2020

Garment District, Manhattan
The Do's & Don'ts of Using a Hand Truck, Manhattan, New York

A hand truck, which is also called a dolly, is used to move heavy items more easily. It can be especially useful when you have to move items on your own because it can spare you the physical strain that could cause an injury. The do’s and don’ts listed here will help you use your dolly safely and more effectively.


Secure the load.

Most dollies are equipped with straps for securing the load, so be sure to use them. If it doesn’t have straps, you can use rope or bungee cords to secure boxes. This will help improve your chances of keeping the cargo in place until you reach the destination. As you move the load, be sure to keep one hand on the top box to keep it secure.

Move the load slowly.

If you encounter a bump, don’t push one of the heavy-duty casters or wheels over the bump. This creates an uneven surface that will cause the boxes to fall off of the hand truck. Instead, pull both wheels over the bump at the same time. It’s especially important to move slowly, especially when transporting cargo that may not securely stack, such as large water containers.


Overload the hand truck.

Hand TruckThere is a vertical bar at the top of the dolly that serves as a support, and the top box should never be higher than this bar. If you overload the dolly, you’ll run the risk of an accident. In cases where you have to move a large item, such as a sofa or table, it’s better to use a platform equipped with furniture casters.

Tip the dolly too far back.

You should hold the dolly at a comfortable angle, but be careful not to pull it too far back, especially when descending stairs or going down a ramp. Holding the dolly at a deeper angle can cause the top box to fall toward you. It’s better to decrease the angle as you approach an incline, so you can maintain better control over your speed.



When you need to move items from one location to another, using a hand truck can help you accomplish the task faster and easier. Located in Farmingdale, NY, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling offers hand dollies and other material moving equipment to help you accomplish any task. To learn more about their products, visit their website or call (631) 650-0500.

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