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Do’s & Don’ts of Sports Bar Etiquette During the Big Game January 29, 2020

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Do’s & Don’ts of Sports Bar Etiquette During the Big Game, Brooklyn, New York

A sports bar is one of the most exciting places to enjoy a big game. It’s easy to get lost in the electricity that passionate fans create, which is why it’s helpful to remember proper etiquette. Sticking to these universal rules will ensure you and everyone else enjoys the game to the fullest.


Respect opposing fans.

Rivalries are healthy in any sport, but remember to always remain respectful. Don’t lash out if someone makes negative comments about a player on your team. Do your best to also not insult the other team. Remember that everyone is there to have fun, and you may end up making unexpected friendships.

Keep gear to a minimum.

Showing up decked out in team jerseys and other fanwear is part of the sports bar experience. However, leave the foam fingers, posters, and other large gear at home. These will block other diners’ views. Save flair items and swag for the stadium.


Be too loud.

sports-bar-new-yorkEven if you’re in a bar filled with passionate fans on your side, it’s still important to keep your voice down. Some people want to hear the announcer and still talk to their friends and family. Pay attention to the general volume of the room and stick to it between cheers.

Wait to order food & drinks.

When the bar fills up, servers will be busy taking orders from multiple customers. To ensure you have your food and drinks as soon as possible, place an order immediately after arriving. Load up on appetizers and ask to have your entrees brought out later. If you’re sitting at the bar, make ordering drinks easier and quicker by keeping a tab open.


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