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3 Signs You Have a Dead Tree on Your Property January 30, 2020

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3 Signs You Have a Dead Tree on Your Property, Berrett, Maryland

A dead or dying tree is a serious hazard. They may drop limbs or fall over, injuring people and damaging property. They can invite pests or spread diseases to the rest of your landscaping. That is why it’s crucial to know the signs of a tree that is dead or dying, so you can have it removed from your property before it becomes a problem.

3 Red Flags of a Dead Tree

1. Losing Leaves

landscapingWhen a tree starts to die, it will typically begin by losing its leaves. If your tree is the type that typically drops its leaves in the autumn, then don’t be alarmed. It’s a sign of trouble if it starts going bare out of season, and if the first spot to lose its leaves it the crown, or the top. Sometimes, the leaves stay on the branches after they die, so the entire tree looks brittle and brown.

2. Bare Spots

A healthy tree may lose pieces of the bark on its trunk over time, but there will be a new layer of bark underneath that grows to replace it. A dying tree will lose its ability to grow new bark, so the lost bark will leave a bare spot. Scratch the trunk in these areas; if the inner layer is brown, then the tree is already dead. Assess the tree to look for bare spots, and immediately call an expert to remove it, especially if a heavy storm is expected to hit. This will prevent heavy winds from potentially cracking it or uprooting it. 

3. Fungal Growth

When the tree starts to rot from the inside, it may not be very clear from the outside. However, it’ll become apparent if a tree is rotting from the inside if you see fungus sprouting from the base. Additionally, if you spot ants or beetles near the roots, then the tree is likely dying, as these critters look for rotting bark to nest in.



If you suspect your tree is dying, the team at Myers Lawn Care Services will assess the structure and determine the best course of action. These landscaping professionals provide tree services, including pruning, removal, and pest control for clients in Sykesville, MD. Learn more about their services on their website and call (443) 398-2960 to schedule an appointment.

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