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Pro-Tech Now Offers Robotic Welding October 9, 2015

19th Ward, Rochester
Pro-Tech Now Offers Robotic Welding , Rochester, New York

Pro-Tech is proud to announce an addition to our welding services and steel processing capabilities: The PerformArc Robotic Welding System fromMiller Welding. This system features a high speed servo turntable that allows for components to be quickly loaded and unloaded. Each side of the table can hold up to 750lbs of material. The state-of-the-art Panasonic Robot arm comes standard with EAC technology, which eliminates the need for three control systems by combining the robot, welder, and servo wire feeder controls into a single unit.

This system drastically increases productivity, prevents over-welding, improves quality, and produces less scrap and rework. All of these benefits make Pro-Tech’s operations more efficient and result in cost-savings for our customers. The PerformArc System expands Pro-Tech’s already robust welding and steel processing capabilities.
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