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3 Benefits of Having a Generator in the Winter January 14, 2020

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3 Benefits of Having a Generator in the Winter, Butler, Arkansas

Winters in Arkansas tend to be mild, but temperatures sometimes drop below freezing. When they do, homeowners without sufficient heat can suffer, which is one of the many benefits of having a standby generator. These generators can be permanently installed outdoors and are powered by propane or natural gas. If you were to lose power in a storm, your backup generator could provide you and your family with the heat and utility service you need. Consider the following benefits of investing in one for your home this winter. 

Why You Should Install a Backup Generator

1. Avoid Expensive Plumbing Repairs

When your home interior is heated, your home’s plumbing also benefits. Plumbing is vulnerable in colder temperatures, and water left in the pipes can freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst. Water lines can also freeze and start leaking. Having a generator lessens the likelihood you’ll need to call a plumber for emergency repairs when temperatures become frigid.  

2. Alleviate Worry 

generatorsMany homeowners share their homes with ailing family members who rely on medical equipment for support. Whether you have an elderly family member who suffers from COPD and requires an oxygen concentrator, or an asthmatic child who relies on a dehumidifier to sleep comfortably, a generator supplies power during an outage so that there’s no interruption to medical equipment. 

3. Ensure Emergency Operation 

When power outages occur, you risk spoiled foods if your refrigerator and freezer stop working efficiently. You also lose the ability to cook or heat foods when you’re hungry. If your water is heated electrically, you also may not be able to take hot showers or baths until the power returns. With a backup generator, you can ensure that these essential appliances will have a power source, leaving you able to eat and bathe as you please. 


Homeowners who are interested in installing a generator this winter can turn to Steve Hester & Sons, LLC in Ward, AR, for reliable service. Their technicians have over 70 years of combined experience installing generators for clients. Call (501) 941-5119 to request a consultation, or visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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