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4 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Fence January 28, 2020

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4 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Fence, Elko, Nevada

Winter weather comes with its share of problems, including the potential to damage your property. Fences are susceptible to the changing of the seasons, too, especially depending on the type of fence material installed. Knowing what kind of problems can occur may help you prevent them. The following guide outlines a few common ways winter can damage your fence and how to avoid them.

How Does Winter Affect Your Fence?

1. Warping

Frequent rain and snowfall and exposure to damp conditions can soften the wood and cause vinyl to sag. A heavy buildup of snow could also cause warping, even on metal fences. Remove all leaves and snow from the fence, and use a waterproof seal on wood. As vinyl and metal already come sealed, simply wipe off the excess water.

2. Shifting

Ground shifts are caused by the ground’s natural freezing and thawing cycles. All fence materials can shift as seasons change, so do a visual inspection to make sure the posts are stable, straight, and well-anchored in the ground. Pay more attention to posts in areas where the ground doesn’t dry quickly after storms.

3. Moisture

privacy fencesExposure to moisture over a long period has different effects on different fence materials. Wood will expand, which can make it splinter and break. Water or ice buildup on vinyl can cause it to crack, while metal will rust. Prevent this problem by sealing fences that aren’t already sealed and breaking up any ice before it becomes too thick.

4. Falling Branches

A fallen branch, shingle, or anything that happens to fly into your fence could crack or break a section off of it. This risk increases as winter snow settles in the trees. Take a walk around your property and cut any loose branches or use other protective measures to ensure nothing will fall on your fence. Inspect it frequently to see if any breakage has occurred and repair it as soon as possible.


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